Ephesus – Home of a prominent Gentile church in Asia Minor (modern day Turkey)

Cos (Kos) - A Greek island located just off the Asia Minor coast

Rhodes - The largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, of which Cos is one.

Patara (Lycia) – Major commercial city on the Asia Minor coast

Phoenicia – Region along the Mediterranean coast that roughly corresponds to modern day Lebanon

Cyprus – Large island in the eastern Mediterranean.

Syria – In the time of the first century, a province that spanned much of the far east Mediterranean coast.

Tyre – Major city located in the Syrian province, now modern day Lebanon

Ptolemais - Port city on the Phoenician coast

Caesarea – Major Roman city on the eastern Mediterranean coast. Named after Caesar.

Judea – Land in Palestine, home of the Jewish people and a Roman province

Jerusalem – Traditional capital of Judea and the united kingdom. Where the Lord’s Church was founded.